Make your home the safest, most effective place to receive care.

Through technology-enabled and evidence-based care, Woven helps our clients age gracefully within the familiar surroundings of their own homes.

woven home care services

How can we support your loved ones?

Companion care

Isolation and loneliness are feelings often felt by seniors. Our Weavers provide a mutually respectful relationship with each client to meet their individual needs through:

  • Providing companionship
  • Encouraging mobility and exercise
  • Connecting clients to friends and family
  • Engaging in the client's hobbies

Household support

Seniors can prolong their ability to live independently in their own homes by receiving valuable assistance with household chores, including:

  • Cooking & serving meals
  • Light housekeeping
  • Running household errands
  • Transportation & accompaniment to and from appointments

Personal care

When activities of daily living become a challenge, our experienced Weavers are there to help each client remain in their home environment safely and independently through:

  • Medication reminders
  • Fall Prevention
  • Bathing, grooming, dressing, mobility, and bathroom assistance
  • Communicating between clients, their families and healthcare providers

Strong culture

Living wages, strong culture, and real training align with and advance our Woven Home Care Mission

Clinical connectivity

Technology-enabled data capture delivers quality, transparency, and continuity

Evidence-based care

Consistent, quality-controlled, and empathetic care at every step of the way.

the Woven difference

Combining technology with evidence-based care

Woven Home Care provides compassionate, in-home, non-medical care services in St. Louis, Missouri. Our company was founded by two experienced families deeply immersed in healthcare with over a century of combined clinical experience.

At our core, we are driven by a strong culture that drives our commitment to delivering exceptional services. Our approach is rooted in clinical connectivity and evidence-based care, ensuring that we provide the highest standard of service.

our weavers

Research-backed, compassionate service

Our team of dedicated and trained professionals, known as "Weavers", embody empathy and an unwavering commitment to their craft.

Trained on the latest research and equipped with technology to support every need, our Weavers are fully empowered to provide the utmost care and safety for your loved ones - ensuring optimal results and peace of mind.

Together, our only mission is to make your home the safest, most effective place to receive care.

home care versus alternative options

The benefits of home care


Inconsistent care schedule
Family/friend caregivers
May require moving out
Home maintenance managed separately
Free, but high stress

Woven Home Care

One-on-one attention
Evidence-based companion care
Thrive at home
Clients stay independent as much as possible
Flexible, affordable options based on needs

Assisted living facilities

One nurse for every 15 clients
Limited companion support
Must move into facility
Independence is low priority
Costs begin at $36k/year

Decreased loneliness and isolation

Loneliness is experienced by many seniors and can contribute to depression and poorer cognitive functioning. Weavers are companions and will decrease social isolation and allow for improved engagement in the hobbies they know and love.

Improved medication compliance

Confusion regarding medications and mismanagement can lead to worsening health conditions and costly hospitalizations. Weavers can help with medication reminders and aid in tracking compliance.

Greater independence

In-home care means remaining in a familiar and safe home environment. This allows seniors to remain independent for longer with fewer healthcare concerns.

Fewer slips and falls

Falls are one of the leading causes of hospital admissions among seniors. Weavers evaluate the safety of each home, and assess the fall risk of every client to reduce fall hazards.

Fewer unnecessary hospital readmissions

Unnecessary readmissions to the hospital are expensive and often lead to long stays. Weavers can preemptively identify concerns and alert the primary care team and family members to address health concerns before they worsen.

Most cost-efficient professional option

Trained home care is the most cost-efficient option if your loved one needs support for less than 40 hours a week. Flexible service options and schedules allow you to choose a Woven care plan that best fits your budget.

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The best place for care is your own home.

Woven can help you create a safe, effective environment for your loved ones to
continue thriving independently.
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